What Do Chimpanzees Eat? A Primate Culinary Exploration Fishing for treats is a foraging behavior which is highly encouraged and time consuming. It keeps the chimps mentally engaged and mimics natural foraging behavior. We can always count on one of the younger females to be the first at the mounds and one of the last to leave. 6-Termites and ants (and their chitin)—Some chimps are good at eating termites, honey bees and driver ants. I’ve eaten both ants and termites,

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ما تنها از هوش مصنوعی برای تولید محتوا استفاده می‌کنیم و هیچ توصیه‌ای برای استفاده یا تصدیق این محتوا ارائه نمی‌کنیم.